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The JMA is improving but some teachers aren’t skilled enough, says Ofsted

The office for standards in education in England, Ofsted, inspected the John Madejski Academy (JMA) in January 2020 and reported that the school ‘requires improvement‘. Ofsted noted that the school is already improving, adding that there were problems with some teachers’ lack of expertise as well as pupil attendance. The JMA principal Camilla Thornalley agreed that the school is improving, saying that they had been aware of the problems Ofsted raised and had plans to address them.

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‘Redeeming Our Communities’ at the John Madejski Academy Postponed

This event has been postponed due to the current coronavirus outbreak.

John Madejski Academy<

The charity Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) will be holding an ROC conversation at the John Madejski Academy, Hartland Road, Reading RG2 8AF on Monday 30 March at 7pm. The two-hour event is open to everyone, and you can register your place online.

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Whitley Fun Day on 13 July at the JMA

This year’s Whitley fun day will be held in the grounds of the John Madejski Academy (JMA), Hartland Road, Reading on Saturday 13 July from 12 noon until 4pm.

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Children helping children at the Hexagon

By Cathy Doberska, head teacher at English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School.

Children helping children concert 2019. Photo: James Denny

On Tuesday 19 March, pupils from 11 Reading schools took part in the annual Children Helping Children concert at the Hexagon theatre. This included students from south Reading schools including John Madejski Academy, Whitley Park Primary, Christ the King Catholic Primary, Ridgeway Primary and Geoffrey Field Junior.

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Children helping Children at the Hexagon on 19 March

Children helping children at the Reading Hexagon, 2018

Schools from Reading come together at the Hexagon Theatre on Tuesday 19 March to sing, dance and recite poetry.

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JMA performing arts youth choir competes at Let’s Sing 2019 on 6 March

The John Madejski Academy (JMA) performing arts youth choir will be one of fourteen local choirs competing for the Let’s Sing 2019 trophy at the Hexagon Theatre on Wednesday 6 March.

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Whitley’s young people make their voice heard at the WCDA AGM

Ian Holt, WCDA chair

The Whitley Community Development Association (WCDA) held a well-attended annual general meeting at the Whitley Social Club and Café on 9 February. Two students from the John Madejski Academy (JMA) told the WCDA how they helped discover some of the aspirations of Whitley’s young people.

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JMA Rockets girls’ basketball team become national cup champions

By Emma Throp, JMA marketing and communications.

The John Madejski Academy’s JMA Rockets under-18 girls’ team was crowned national cup champions after defeating previous champions, Charnwood College Riders, in a thrilling game at the Essex University arena on 18 January.

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‘Young people in Whitley’ is theme of WCDA AGM on 9 February

The theme for the Whitley Community Development Association (WCDA) annual general meeting (AGM) at 12.30pm on Saturday 9 February is the young people of Whitley.

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The John Madejski Academy gets a new principal

Camilla Thornalley, interim JMA principal. Photo courtesy of (c) John Madejski Academy, Reading.

Whitley’s John Madejski Academy (JMA) has a new interim principal in Camilla Thornalley. She has replaced Laura Ellener, who started a new job as head teacher at Chiswick School, a 1300-student secondary academy in Hounslow, earlier this year.

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An exciting start to a new academic year for JMA performing arts

As the new academic year starts at school, it’s always good (well, sometimes good) to look back at recent successes, be proud, then move on.

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GCSE success at the John Madejski Academy

From the John Madejski Academy.

Students, parents and staff at the John Madejski Academy (JMA) in Whitley have been celebrating GCSE success this week.

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John Madejski Academy concert on 19 June

Students from the John Madejski Academy on Hartland Road, Whitley will be performing in a public concert at the school on Tuesday 19 June at 6.30pm.

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A meeting of mathematical minds

I joined thirteen students from year nine of Whitley’s John Madejski Academy (JMA) on a day trip to Reading University in March this year, organised by the JMA’s head of mathematics, Mrs Pareek.

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A unifying performance at Rabson’s Rec

By Kira Dixon and Daisy Richmond.

Oi! Who’s nicked the wicker man? (photo: Tommy Robinson).

As the sun set on Saturday 21 April, Whitley lit up with a unifying performance of the Spire at Rabson’s Rec. The piece saw divided sections of Whitley, each with a unique type of ‘power’, come together to build a spire. Three groups of performances represented different types of energy, such as light, sound and mechanical. The young performers each took part in bringing these ideas to life.

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The John Madejski Academy triumphs at the Let’s Sing choral festival

by Matthew Farrall and Stephanie Chard.

JMA performing arts teacher Tommy Robinson accepting a Lets Sing 2018 award from Mayor Rose Williams at the Hexagon, Reading. Photo courtesy of Reading Borough Council.

Crisply compèred by Breeze FM‘s Robert Kenny, the Let’s Sing 2018 charity choir concert on Monday 26 March was of such a high standard that the trio of independent judges had a very difficult task indeed. Every choir received rapturous applause on merit from a lively audience.

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A rendering in suburbia. ‘One for the Road’ at the JMA

Students from the John Madejski Academy (JMA) performed Harold Pinter‘s dark and troubling one-act play One for the Road on 21 March. The play remains just as relevant in our modern world of nihilistic global tyranny as it was when first performed in 1984.

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JMA choir perform at Let’s Sing 2018 on 26 March

The John Madejski Academy (JMA) choir will be finalists in the mayor of Reading’s choir competition at the Hexagon on Monday 26 March. This choir competition was postponed from 1 March due to bad weather.

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Whitley Amateur Boxing Club and the Tamuka Mucha fight

Whitley Amateur Boxing Club.

Whitley Amateur Boxing Club is right at the heart of Whitley, both in location and spirit. In just three years, a lot of hard work from locals has seen this small hall in Callington Road transformed into a hub of community boxing and exercise activity that is well equipped and staffed. The place is packed to the rafters with talented fighters, hopefuls and enthusiasts, six days of the week.

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A portal to a parallel Whitley

Nick Garnett (Whitley Flamboyance Festival)

Last year I got a text from a mate who lives in the flats opposite the John Madejski Academy (JMA). He said that there was some sort of uprising going on and the gates of the JMA had been flung open to unleash an alien entourage, who were now parading through Whitley looking like an escaped troupe of space-age circus performers or an absurdist dream made flesh with dancing, klaxons and odd machinery.

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