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Woodley Arms listing application unsuccessful

The Woodley Arms

Historic England has refused to list the Woodley Arms on Waldeck Street as a building of special architectural or historic interest.

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Developer appeals to government over Woodley Arms planning refusal

The Woodley Arms

The developer of the Woodley Arms on Waldeck Street has appealed to central government after Reading Borough Council refused permission to build a block of 40 student flats on the site. Local residents have until Friday 13 November 2015 to lodge comments.

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A blot on the Katesgrove landscape

A sea of fly tipping - Woodley Arms car park 2 May 2020

A sea of fly tipping – Woodley Arms car park 2 May 2020

Once upon a time the Woodley Arms on Waldeck Street was a thriving and well loved public house. The brewery, Greene King, sold the pub when it closed eight years ago in 2012. It waited patiently as the years past and the developer submitted a succession of planning applications. It is now a very sorry and sad site with the former car park a sea of discarded furniture, tyres and general household rubbish in black bin bags.

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Planning and building control applications in south Reading for the week ending 3 April

Woodley Arms car park 30 March 2020

Proposed site of archaeological investigation work in the Woodley Arms car park

There were seven new planning and building control applications in south Reading this week. They may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.
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Review of 2019 at the Whitley Pump

The MERL’s new yarn bomb

Thank you to all our readers and regular and occasional contributors for making it a wonderful year on Katesgrove Hill. We hope that you continue to enjoy reading or contributing to the Whitley Pump in 2020.

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A rubbish year in Katesgrove

A row of red bins

There are certain places in Katesgrove where rubbish likes to congregate. We continually pass the same spots blighted by dumped rubbish and fly-tipping on our daily routes to work, shops and schools, or just going out .

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FlashPark penalty signs on the Whitley Street estate

Muir Group Housing Association (MGHA) have introduced parking controls and penalties, operated by FlashPark, on the part of the Whitley Street estate which they own and manage. Signs have appeared on the sides of the garages on the estate warning of an £85 charge for unauthorised parking.

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Student accommodation and Reading’s new local plan

The government planning inspector who examined Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) new local plan has advised that clarification is needed on the policy on student accommodation developments. The local plan will guide Reading’s planning policy until 2036, and this is the first time that Reading will have had a planning policy on development for student housing.

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Red Lion on Southampton Street will be replaced by flats

Red Lion, Southampton Street

At the Reading Borough Council (RBC) planning applications committee on Wednesday 6 March, councillors approved plans to demolish the Red Lion public house and the small cottage next door and build a four-storey block of 11 flats on the site.

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Planning applications in south Reading during the week ending 26 January

These planning applications may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.

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Trophies celebrating the achievements of Woodley Arms sports teams have been rescued from the pub on Waldeck Street which closed in 2012.

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79 Silver Street student studios approved

Reading Borough Council (RBC) planning applications committee have approved a revised proposal for a development of 54 studios for students on the site at 79 Silver Street.

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A year in planning

Reading Borough Council Civic Offices

The apparently relentless drive to convert the area’s pubs, offices and vacant lots into flats and HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) continued apace this year. Some proposals, including the demolition of the After Dark Club and the Woodley Arms, were rejected, whilst others, such as the new residential care home near the Rising Sun Arts Centre, will proceed. The saving of the South Street Arts Centre was a major success in keeping Katesgrove at the front of Reading’s arts scene.

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Housing, parking, litter and green spaces cause grief in Katesgrove

Katesgrove’s first local election hustings for many years was held at RISC on Saturday 30 April. Topics discussed included local traffic and parking, cross-party co-operation, voluntary contributions to council work, litter and the provision of green spaces, but the biggest issue was the cost, economics and politics of housing.

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The Hop Leaf on Southampton Street

A Hopback Brewery delivery at the Hop Leaf

The Hop Leaf was a beerhouse without a name in 1869 when George Benwell was granted a Beerhouse certificate. This is the first licensing record for the pub which had probably operated since at least the end of the 1850s. In 1830 the Beerhouses Act had allowed easy registration of beerhouses on payment of a fee of 2 guineas (£2.10) by householders who paid rates. In 1869 beerhouses came under the same regulations as other premises licensed for the sale and consumption of alcohol and there was continued pressure to reduce the explosion in numbers licensed premises caused by the 1830 Act [ref 1].

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An exciting 2016 beckons for Katesgrove Hill

Reading year of Culture 2016

2016 is Reading’s year of culture and events are being held all over the town. This coincides with the 25th reincarnation birthday of Katesgrove’s own Rising Sun Arts Centre. Meanwhile, Reading’s growing pains means that the stand-off between development and residents doesn’t look like it will end any time soon, and the struggle between social need and council budget cuts appears to be reaching a crisis.

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Our review of 2015

Road Sweeper on Milman Road

Road Sweeper on Milman Road

Whitley Pump’s first post What will the bin men be collecting, and when? was in August. As 2015 draws to a close we have published over 170 posts.

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Katesgrove Streets – Spring Gardens

Spring Gardens

‘Spring Gardens’ appears in the Commissioners’ Map of 1834 as a partially developed cluster of houses on the west side of Whitley Street.

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