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Grass paths mowed at Waterloo Meadows

Waterloo Meadows 16 April 2020 (2)

The grass paths across Waterloo Meadows were mown on 16 April and the meadows are looking especially beautiful at the moment.

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Lunch from Fidget & Bob on Kennet Island

Tofu & Vegetables Noodle Pot

Tofu & Vegetables Noodle Pot

After our first foray for shopping at Fidget & Bob on Kennet Island we decided that we should try out their noodle pots. Three flavours are available and we have now tried all of them. Our two favourites are Won Ton Dumplings and Tofu & Vegetables especially with extra chilli.

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Sustrans path on Waterloo Meadows has been surfaced

Waterloo Meadows Sustrans Path

Waterloo Meadows Sustrans Path

The path along the north bank of the Kennet through Waterloo Meadows has now been surfaced. This is part of improvements that Sustrans are carrying out to the pedestrian and cycle route.

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John Dearing’s Poetry Corner: Vision of Hades at Darlington Station


Darlington Railway Station, Adam Brookes

If asked what he thinks is the best poem he ever wrote John is inclined to put forward one that was inspired several hundred miles from Reading.

“I felt that the way the verse form changed from verse two to three reflected perfectly the change of mood from darkness and gloom to light and hope. I wonder if readers will agree!”

With which we conclude this selection.

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John Dearing’s Poetry Corner: Autumn Hymn

St Giles’, Southampton Street

Here is another poem engendered in St Giles’ Churchyard, a fruitful source of inspiration, like St Mary’s.

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Reading Borough Council’s food parcels


Civic Offices

For some of us, the lockdown and social-distancing have been an opportunity to support local shops and food outlets or try new recipes but that is not the case for everyone. Residents who have no one to do shopping for them, do not have access to other networks and are clinically vulnerable can request support from Reading Borough Council (RBC). The council have been delivering food parcels to those in need since the end of March.

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Planning permission submitted for a new restaurant and take-away on Whitley Street

Whitley Street

Whitley Street 25 June 2018

A planning application has been submitted for a change of use of the former Loans 2 Go and HSBC premises at 81 Whitley Street to a restaurant and hot food takeaway.

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John Dearing’s Poetry Corner: Sailing from Byzantium

Reading International Billboards on Crown Street

The next piece is a light-hearted parody of William Butler Yeats’s great poem, Sailing to Byzantium, which begins ‘That is no country for old men. / The young in one another’s arms,’

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John Dearing’s Poetry Corner: St Giles’ Churchyard

St Giles' Church

St Giles’ Church

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A smörgåsbord of dramatic delights from Düsseldorf

Fiona Talkington, Fiona Leonard, Nyani Quarmyne, Andrew Taylor and Arturo Castro Nigueras

Reading Fringe 2018 L to R: Fiona Talkington, Fiona Leonard, Nyani Quarmyne, Andrew Taylor and Arturo Castro Nigueras

In the sad absence of live theatre in these troubled times, the Blue Goat Theatre, Düsseldorf, led by the enterprising Fiona Leonard, has served us up a smorgasbord of dramatic delight with 12 short pre-recorded plays; this is a collaboration between nine countries, reaching across time zones, involving some 36 stellar artists, complete strangers, who have met online to write, create and record a play with the theme, The Thread.

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Sunday lunch from Pau Brasil – take three

Coconut ice cream

We have enjoyed three takeaway Sunday lunches from Pau Brasil on Mount Pleasant, Reading during social-distancing and the lockdown. This is becoming a habit! Pau Brasil also now has a website and online shop.

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John Dearing’s Poetry Corner: Sunday Evening Looking Eastward

St Laurence's and the Blade

St Laurence’s and the Blade

The next poem proved popular at the poetry readings at the Retreat and was also published in the Civic Society’s newsletter in a survey of views on ‘The Blade’.

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John Dearing’s Poetry Corner: A Kennet Haiku

Canal in the evening

Canal in the evening


Still serene the swan
Takes an after-twilight cruise
Gliding through black ink



  1. John Dearing at the Whitley Pump
  2. In Grateful Memory, John Dearing’s new booklet about the monuments and inscriptions in St Mary’s Episcopal Chapel

John Dearing’s Poetry Corner: An Elegy Written in St Mary’s Churchyard

St Mary’s Churchyard

The next poem is one of several inspired by the gravestones and other features in St Mary’s Churchyard.

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John Dearing’s Poetry Corner: Kennet Mouth Revisited

Horseshoe Bridge at Kennet Mouth

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Bin collections start at 6 am for the forseeable future

Rubbish truck (Huma Jehan)

Rubbish truck

Reading Borough Council (RBC) are starting their bin collections at 6am each day until further notice. Up here on Katesgrove Hill that will start from tomorrow with our grey bin.

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John Dearing’s Poetry Corner: Lines to a Cygnet

Swan and Cygnets

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Planning and building control applications in south Reading for the week ending 3 April

Woodley Arms car park 30 March 2020

Proposed site of archaeological investigation work in the Woodley Arms car park

There were seven new planning and building control applications in south Reading this week. They may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.
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John Dearing’s Poetry Corner: Ecological Observations…

County Lock

County Lock – once a centre of industry on the Kennet

John admits to a perverse pleasure from composing very long titles for very short poems, as here.

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Legislation allowing virtual council meetings comes in to force on 4 April


Plato’s Allegory of the Cave by Jan Saenredam 1604

The legislation that will allow Reading Borough Council (RBC), to hold virtual meetings during the coronavirus epidemic comes in to force today, 4 April. Meetings can now be held by video or telephone conference. The regulations will remain in force until 7 May 2021.

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