Posts to the Whitley Pump are already shared through Twitter and Facebook and in principle we would like to share our stories with any person or organisation who wants to promote the interests of the Katesgrove, Redlands, Whitley or south Reading area for non-commercial and non-profit reasons. If you want to use our posts or photographs for commercial, sectarian or party-political purposes please contact us at [email protected] .


Textual or photographic contributions (‘posts’) to the Whitley Pump belong to the contributor. This means that any of your posts or photos are already yours to do with as you wish, and you can choose whether your posts can be syndicated to anyone else.

Textual posts

The ownership of most textual posts is obvious; the authorship is shown at the top. Where this author is Whitley Pump, a generic username used when the real author has no login to our website, the real author is named in a byline at the top of the post itself.

There are some such posts with no byline; these are usually standardised notifications such as planning applications with text taken more or less verbatim from some other place, and ownership (probably) rests with this original place.


The ownership of photographs can be obtained by viewing that photo’s attachment page, usually by clicking the photo itself. Some of our photos are taken from publicly available repositories such as Wikimedia commons, do not belong to any Whitley Pump contributors and may have their own rules for use.


Whitley Pump articles can be accessed via the website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, by email subscription or via RSS. One of those methods should work for a syndication partner. RSS feeds (as well as the website URL) can be configured by the user to retrieve subsets of data. For example:

We also have a back-catalog of digital photographs (not all of which have been published) that syndication partners can use, under the same syndication agreement and conditions.


Any contributor the Whitley Pump is eligible to take advantage of this syndication agreement if he or she wishes. Any other person or organisation can become eligible for this syndication agreement by contributing (posts, photographs, information or labour) to the Whitley Pump, or by coming to some other exchange agreement with us.


Any Whitley Pump article or photograph used elsewhere needs to be attributed to the original author and creator, and include a reference to the Whitley Pump and its URL (http://whitleypump.uk) including a hyperlink, if republished on a website.


Whitley Pump contributors are not obliged to share their work, and some photographers have kindly let us use their work only as long as they can control their use. Consequently, the Whitley Pump cannot offer a blanket resyndication agreement; it has to be per contributor.

These Whitley Pump contributors have given permission for their work to be syndicated by anyone with whom we have a syndication agreement. That is, if you have a syndication agreement with us, you can use work by these contributors without further ado.

If you want to use work by other contributors, we will need to obtain their permission first. In case of doubt please ask us if you want to use work from the Whitley Pump so we can check and confirm the situation.

Syndication partners

Our current syndication partners are:

Articles sourced from our syndication partners and republished by the Whitley Pump are excluded from syndication; the source probably has their own arrangement.