If you would like to do something for this website, but are not sure what you can help with, then we have some ideas, albeit no money to pay anyone.

Task list

You can see the task list by logging on to our system; please contact us if you would like to see it because you might want to take one on!

Suggest an improvement or article

If you can think of something you believe ought to be done, or a story that ought to be covered, whether you want to do it yourself or not, then drop us a line and it may go on our to-do list!

Help administer the site
  • proofread website pages and posts
  • moderate posts and comments in line with site policy
  • check that contributors are local residents
  • administer our Twitter, Facebook or Google+ pages and use them to full advantage.
I want to help!

If you would like to have a go at one of these jobs then please email us at [email protected]. It doesn’t matter if you give up; we just need to know who is working on what to co-ordinate the work properly.