Posts and comments from residents in or near Katesgrove, Redlands or Whitley are welcome. Posts are subject to website policy, but these are not onerous and are designed to avoid the site from becoming boring or offensive. The website’s starting position is always that comments or posts from local people should be published.

I want to comment on a post

Anyone can comment on an article without logging in to this website. All you need is your name and an email address and you can use the “Have your say” form at the bottom of each post. The comment may be moderated by a site administrator and may be edited before publication to meet site standards. The moderator may decline to publish the comment if it fails to meet site standards.

I want to write an article

If you already have a login to the Whitley Pump then use the WordPress interface of your choice to write your article, save it as pending review and inform a moderator when you have finished. The moderator will review and, if and when standards are met, publish your article.

Posts are welcomed from people who are not WordPress users and you do not need to have one to post an article. In this case, send an email to [email protected] outlining what you’d like to write. We need your full name and contact details, but details will not be published and your name can be withheld from publication if you ask for it. We only need the details to confirm you have a local interest; it will not be sold or used for any other purpose.

We have a list of articles we need help writing. Please feel free to pick any of them, but please tell us which ones you are helping with so we can make sure no-one else is competing with you!

I want to publicise my own (non profit making) website, cause, party or belief

You are very welcome to use our website to do this if you or your cause is relevant to the Katesgrove Hill area. You can do it by proposing an article as described above. We don’t want the website to become the mouthpiece for just one person or cause, so the moderator reserves the right to decline too many posts. As a rough rule of thumb, one article per person per cause per month seems about the right level, but the actual rate will be determined by the moderator at the time.

I want to publicise my business

Please contact the site administrator at [email protected]. The version of we are using disallows direct advertisements.

The Whitley Pump is not a commercial or profit making enterprise and any monies earned thorough this route will be used to offset the cost of its maintenance or develop it further.

I want to be a moderator or proof-reader

A moderator’s job is to review incoming comments and posts and make sure they meet site standards before being published. Errant posts can be edited, preferably in consultation with the author, or delayed, or not published. A moderator is not allowed to moderate his or her own contributions.

If you want to be a moderator, please contact us at [email protected].

I want to contact the site administrator

Please contact us at [email protected].