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What’s happening in Katesgrove and Whitley from 2 September

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Planning applications in Church, Katesgrove and Whitley wards for the week ending 30 March

There were seven new planning applications for Church, Katesgrove and Whitley wards this week. They may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.

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Planning application 180725 : Demolition of 40 Silver Street

40 Silver Street

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Reading Borough Council discusses Church, Katesgrove, Redlands and Whitley wards at planning applications committee this week

Reading Borough Council will be discussing issues in Church, Katesgrove, Redlands and Whitley wards during planning applications committee this week.

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Approved – Planning Application 150885 (Former HSS Hire Warehouse, 40 Silver Street)

Reading Borough Council’s first webcast planning committee on 14 October 2015 approved the redevelopment of the former HSS Hire Warehouse at 40 Silver Street. 14 flats are planned on the site.

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