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The view from Katesgrove Hill

Author: Wynne Frankum

Katesgrove School Buildings

Katesgrove Primary School

As my knowledge of the history of Katesgrove school grew, it became apparent that it was possibly unique; two Victorian Schools on one site built to quite different designs. This was of great interest for visitors interested in the history of education.

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Lessons at the Victorian schoolroom at Katesgrove School

1873 school on Katesgrove Lane

Good better best,
never let it rest,
’till your good is better
and your better best.

This was the Victorian rhyme learnt by heart by pupils visiting the Katesgrove schoolroom. It became our mantra when setting up the Victorian schoolroom. Artefacts and lessons used in the schoolroom had to be thoroughly researched and, as far as the budget allowed, historically accurate.

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Setting up the Victorian schoolroom at Katesgrove School

The Victorian Schoolroom at Reading Museum was originally housed at Katesgrove School and as it prepares to move again into a new home at the Abbey Gateway, the Whitley Pump looks back to when it was first established.

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