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Whitley Pump - May 2016

Whitley Pump roundabout

Whitley Pump Day, 12 May 2020 is our last day of operation and we will be switching off our virtual printing press today.

Thank you to all our readers and contributors over the last five years.

In that time we have published 3,152 articles giving the view from Katesgrove Hill. Posting at least once almost every day we have: covered local events; attended and reviewed plays and performances; interviewed local people; reported on local and national politics; researched local history; shared planning applications and featured local transport developments.

We have taken an interest in all things connected with water supply and sewage and have twinned the Whitley Pump with pumps, drinking fountains and troughs all over the world and spotted stinkpipes around Reading.

We have initiated local campaigns about parking and planning.

We have run our own events including hustings for the local elections in 2016 and walks and tours for Heritage Open Days in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The website will stay up for a couple of months so that you can have a last look at all your favourites.


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  1. Sorry to see you go , I have enjoyed reading all the items over the last couple of years I have subscribed . I am sure you will be missed

  2. That’s a shame. You have produced some great stuff over the years (I’m always quoting you to people!) and I will miss your interesting, critical, creative and lively posts. Thank you for the fish!

  3. I shall miss your insightful articles. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to maintaining the contact we have made. Best wishes for the future.

  4. Farewell WP!

    Have always found the blog interesting and informative and thanks to posts, I’ve been to many plays and other performances (South St, Shinfield Players and Progress theatres) I may otherwise have missed!

    Realise it’s a mammoth job though and appreciate all of your past hard work.

  5. Adrian Lawson

    12 May 2020 at 2.33 pm

    Such a sad day. Definitely the best community site for our tayn.

  6. Gonna miss you all and your great news service. Best wishes going forward.

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