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Signs of a start being made on Green Park railway station

Green Park Station

Green Park Station

Whitley Pump reader Andrew Coltman sent us some photographs of the site of Green Park railway station on the line between Reading and Basingstoke. It looks like the land has been cleared ready for building to commence.

The planning application for the station was approved by the Reading Borough Council (RBC) planning applications committee in September 2019. The £20million project is being led by RBC but the station and platforms are also partly within West Berkshire and partly Wokingham.

Green Park Station with Green Park village in the background

Green Park Station with Green Park village in the background

St Edward, part of the Berkeley Homes Group is building apartments and houses in Green Park village and waterfront apartments at Bankside Gardens. Prices for apartments start at £278,000 and houses from £495,000.

RBC expects that the station will reduce road traffic on the A33 and will serve Green Park and the Madejski Stadium. Originally envisaged for 2010, according to Green Park signage, the station is now expected to open in 2021.

Green Park Station due 2010

Green Park Station due 2010


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  1. This station could be a huge park and ride for Reading and stations on the crosscountry services north to birmingham and south to bournemouth. It should be the terminus for crossrail serives too, but sadly there is not enough railway capacity through west reading where the west country and basingstoke lines merge from 4 tracks to 2 tracks for about a mile through west Reading. Not sure how much traffic will reduce on the A33 but its better late than never, sadly this station had the potential to be much more than currently being built, had it been made wider and allowed through trains to pass the stopped trains.

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