Rubbish truck (Huma Jehan)

Rubbish truck

Reading Borough Council (RBC) are starting their bin collections at 6am each day until further notice. Up here on Katesgrove Hill that will start from tomorrow with our grey bin.

RBC have also published a bin collection calendar from 1 April until the end of September which you can download from My Reading by entering your postcode.

During the coronavirus epidemic RBC say that waste collection crews are taking precautions to reduce the spread of the virus:

…including the use of gloves and regular use of hand sanitiser. There are further steps everyone can take to help us and help protect our key workers. Please wash your hands before putting your bins out and clean your bin handles before bringing the bin back in.

Residents who are self-isolating or have been confirmed as having coronavirus are also asked to take special precautions when disposing of contaminated waste such as tissues and cleaning cloths. They should:

  • place the contaminated waste in a plastic bag or bin liner, tied securely
  • place this bag in another bag and tie it securely
  • store these bags separately from other waste for at least 72 hours before putting it in with your general rubbish for collection.


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