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Fidget and Bob on Kennet Island: not just on the way to the Madejski

Fidget & Bob at Kennet Island

Fidget & Bob behind the Kennet Island water feature

Unlike some of our fellow Whitley Pump contributors, we have been a bit slow to visit Fidget & Bob at Kennet Plaza. It is on one of several possible routes to or from the Madejksi Stadium and we have usually rushed past in the blur of getting to the game on time. It was time to drop by; we need our local businesses more than ever in these times of social distancing and lockdown.

There is a walkable and fairly quiet route from the Whitley Pump along the north bank of the canal using the much improved path to Kennet Island.

Kennet Island

Kennet Island

On Saturday we picked up our pre-ordered sourdough loaf and, on a whim, some avocados. Lunch was smashed avocados on sourdough toast with black pepper and smoked paprika #eatingwellduringlockdown.

Fidget & Bob are enforcing strict social distancing rules. Only one person is allowed in the shop at a time and all customers must wash their hands immediately on entering. All tables and chairs have been removed to make lots of space.

They have made a video to explain everything.

Fidget & Bob are only accepting payment by card but for call and collect customers they also offer an online payment option. Advance orders from the menu and deli price list can be made by calling 0118 931 0271.

Opening hours are 9am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday; closed on Monday.

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  1. Fabulous E, I will let F & B do my picnic for me on my next Kennet towpath foray! 🙂

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