Rubbish truck (Huma Jehan)

Rubbish truck (Huma Jehan)

Reading Borough Council (RBC) has suspended its green waste collections. RBC say that coronavirus-related staff shortages mean they need to concentrate resources on collecting recycled (burgundy bin) and non-recycled (black bin) household waste.

RBC will not issue refunds on green waste collection subscriptions; they say that this year’s subscription ends on 31 March anyway. Instead, the council will delay the renewal of next year’s subscription until they can restart the green waste collection service.

The council advises householders to compost their green waste.

If people have excess household waste, RBC asks that they arrange to use unfilled capacity in neighbours’ bins. As a last resort, the council asks that householders bag up excess waste and put it next to the grey or black bin on the morning of the collection.

The tip at Smallmead is currently closed and the council has also stopped bulky watse collections.