Community action response

Reading Voluntary Action (RVA) and Reading Borough Council have joined with the town’s voluntary groups to form the One Reading Community Hub. This will allow volunteers to help tackle the coronavirus crisis and allow anyone to register unmet but urgent welfare needs.

If you need help

If you or someone you know needs extra support, you can complete the online support form, or freephone 0808 1894325. The phone line is open from 10am until 5pm Monday to Friday.

Please only contact the One Reading Community Hub if you have urgent welfare needs with which a family member or trusted friend cannot help. The limited resources available need to be directed at people most at need.

Use NHS advice if you have health problems; the community hub will not be able to help with these. Please see government instructions about what we need to do to reduce the spread of infection.

If you can offer help

You can register as a coronavirus response volunteer with the RVA . If your business or group can help, you can register with the Reading Neighbourhood Network. You can also freephone 0808 1894325; the phone line is open from 10am until 5pm Monday to Friday.

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