A Roman wall at Silchester

On 23 March the Government published stricter guidance on staying at home and away from others that superseded the advice in place at the time of writing on 19 March.

English Heritage have announced that it has closed all its staffed sites from 19 March until 1 May.

The good news is that free-to-enter-sites will remain open to visitors.English Heritage say that this is because:

These sites have large open spaces in which visitors can maintain social distancing and they are often located in quieter spots away from crowds.

The closest free site to the Whitley Pump is the Roman town of Calleva Atrebatum at Silchester.

Reading Museum and its Silchester Gallery and Annexe may currently be closed, but you can still visit the real thing just down the road!

Update at 24 March

At this time Government advice to reduce the transmission of coronavirus is being constantly updated and you should consult the latest guidance on the Government’s coronavirus webpage.

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