Reading Food Growing Network AGM

The Reading Food Growing Network (RFGN) are holding their AGM in the conference hall at the Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC) on London Street on Sunday 16 February starting at 4.30pm. It will be followed by a talk on Growing Climate Friendly Food given by Dave Richards who co-ordinates RISC’s work on food and gardens.

The full programme includes:

4.30pm Seed Swap & Grow for Reading Town Meal,
5.00pm AGM,
5.30pm Growing Climate Friendly Food by Dave Richards,
6.15pm Future action.

RFGN promote locally grown food in Reading by providing information and through events such as seed swaps and being involved with the Reading Town Meal.

  1. Reading Food Growing Network & AGM
  2. RISC
  3. Reading Town Meal