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Spot the stinkpipe – the Brexit special

This beautiful petite stinkpipe sporting a jester’s hat appeared out of hiding recently because of the bare trees around it and possibly some recent shrub clearance.

It is the furthest west of any of the Reading stinkpipes that we have spotted so far. The clue to the location is the building in the background.

Regular readers of spot the stinkpipe may notice the similarity between this example and the ghostly stinkpipe in the background of an old postcard of the Whitley Pump.

Use the comments box below if you know where this stinkpipe is.

If you know of any others, then please email us at [email protected].


  1. I want to know what a stinkpipe is!??

  2. That’s at the side of the B&M store on the Oxford road isn’t it? Never noticed it before!

  3. That’s outside the retail park on Oxford Road where Wickes etc is.

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