After Dark Night Club

KK Property Investments Ltd has submitted a planning application to Reading Borough Council (RBC) to demolish the After Dark Club at 112 London Street and replace it with a block of six flats. This is the third application in recent years to develop the site. The first was rejected in 2016 and the second was withdrawn by the applicant in 2018 before a decision was made.

On this occasion, the owner has submitted an outline application that sets out the proposal for access, appearance, layout and scale to find out if it might be acceptable to the council, but reserves landscaping for a future application.

The three storey development would provide six one bedroom flats of which three are designed for one person and three for two people. It is smaller than the four storey development of 10 flats in two blocks that was rejected in 2016.

The wall of the Huntley, Boorne & Stevens tin factory on the southern boundary of the site will be retained.

At the back of the After Dark club

Huntley, Boorne and Stevens workshop wall today

Objections, comments in support of the application or observations can be made on online using the RBC planning portal.

The After Dark Club is the current occupant of a building that has been in community use for over 200 years. RBC revoked the club’s licence in June. The owners have appealed against the decision which is due to be heard on the 31 January at Reading Magistrates Court.

There is a petition to Save Reading’s legendary After Dark Club on the website.

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