A row of red bins

There are certain places in Katesgrove where rubbish likes to congregate. We continually pass the same spots blighted by dumped rubbish and fly-tipping on our daily routes to work, shops and schools, or just going out .

The anonymous bard of RG2 even penned a verse Refusenik with the first three lines:

The broken glass bejewels the grass,
an old bike lock, a rotten sock…
are normal sights around these parts.

The rubbish year has not been all bad news.  A notorious plot of private land that had been used as an unofficial tip for years was closed off in May and boarded up. While it is not exactly pretty, at least it is now tidier.

Rose Williams on Silver Street

Councillor Rose Williams in front of the plot on Silver Street

Katesgrove councillor Rose Williams obtained a community protection notice for the site to be cleaned up.

Unfortunately, an even bigger rubbish dump opened during the year in the former Woodley Arms car park. It started with a few bags of rubbish around the edges of the plot, but now the whole of the car park is full of all manner of refuse. Owners Lainston Woodley Arms LLP fenced off and locked the site in autumn 2018 to prevent parking, but it no longer prevents access.

Woodley Arms car park in December 2019

Katesgrove councillors say that they are actively looking into the problem.

Dumped rubbish or fly-tipping on private land is not the responsibility of Reading Borough Council (RBC) streetcare. Reports on Love Clean Reading may result in communication with the land owner but RBC cannot usually take any direct action.

Most fly-tipped rubbish is sociable and likes to hang out with litter and wheelie bins in unofficial bin-bag satellite communities, protecting one another from the shame of the ‘Suspected Fly Tipping Under Investigation’ sticker.

Sometimes small groups of carrier bags appear making the point ‘no time for waste’.

RBC will begin to roll out weekly food waste collections from October 2020, and there is a drive to recycle at least 50% of household waste in the Reading Does campaign. Katesgrove rubbish is about to get even more complicated.

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