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A Christmas message from Tony Jones, Redlands ward councillor

Councillor Tony Jones

When talking to Tony Jones (Redlands ward Labour party councillor and local resident) recently we asked him for an alternative Christmas message to folk living on and around Katesgrove Hill that we could publish on Christmas day.

This is what he had to say:

It is an enormous privilege to be invited to offer a message at Christmas time to the readers of the Whitley Pump.

If this is an important time for you in terms of your beliefs, friends or family, I hope you are able to spend the day as you wish. If you are working, in our essential public services, commercial companies or local corner shop, I hope the festive period passes with the minimum of fuss or pressure.

And while we busy ourselves with our chosen distractions, can I ask that you consider sparing a couple of minutes to do just one thing? Go and knock on your neighbour’s door – whether you know them or not – and check that they are OK. Many people see no one over Christmas through no choice of their own. It just might make a difference.

Stay safe and keep well!

Tony Jones

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  1. Thank you for that heartwarming Xmas message Tony 🙂 A very happy Xmas to you, The Whitley Pump and all its readers!

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