Honey Bee Day Care Centre

OFSTED, the English office for standards in education, children’s services and skills, revisited The Honey Bee Day Care in Palmer Park in November 2019. OFSTED had reported that “weaknesses put children at significant risk” in their July 2019 report, but now say the day care centre “requires improvement” and that child safeguarding is effective but teaching is not good enough.

In their July 2019 report, OFSTED had said:

The teaching that children receive is poor. Staff’s interactions are inadequate, activities are uninspiring, and staff do not observe and assess children’s progress.

Staff fail to notice when unvetted visitors enter the toilets and children’s self-care is not tailored to meet their individual needs.

The manager and staff do not manage children’s behaviour appropriately. They do not support children to understand the consequences of their actions on others. This substantially puts children at risk of being hurt.

OFSTED visited the day care centre again on 25 November 2019, and they report an improvement in child safeguarding:

The management team and staff have completed child protection training since the last inspection.

There are clear safeguarding policies and procedures. These include only allowing adults with appropriate suitability checks into the main playrooms, to maintain children’s safety and privacy in the toilet. The managers follow secure recruitment and vetting procedures to ensure staff are suitable to work with children.

OFSTED was still unimpressed with the quality of teaching:

Teaching is not yet good enough. Overall, children access a range of activities and behave well. However, at times, teaching is not purposeful, depending on which staff are working with the children.

Children quickly lose interest in activities, which are not always planned at an appropriate level for them. However, they do acquire some skills that prepare them for their future learning.

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