A cat of Catsgrove in Moon Dust

RISC on London Street hosted a very different dining experience, and a very different dance performance, on the evening of Friday 22 November. Bodies in Space, part of Dance Reading 2019, was a space-inspired entertainment that engaged all the senses.

The project was a co-production between choreographer Helena Cox and food artist Ines Neto dos Santos. Jordan Ajadi, Natasha Arcoleo and Andrew Oliver performed three dance sections to a stellar sound track by Dougie Brown based on information sent back by NASA’s Kepler space telescope.

Subtle audience participation in the event was required as we moved around the venue. The vegetarian five course taster menu began with pickled soft egg and green pesto; this was served in the upstairs foyer of RISC.

Bodies in Space trailer on Vimeo from Helen Cox

For the first captivating dance section, the complexity of now and now and now, the audience sat along the edges of the peformance area. We then crowded hungrily around a central table for flatbread, dips and fermented cauliflower, carefully navigating a web woven across the room at the end of the dance.

After being back in our seats for section two, infinitely spiralling, connecting, throwing, catching, stillness, we sat up at tables for tangy celeriac miso soup and a purple themed ‘main’ that included fermented plums.

After the third and final dance, quiet, zoom in, tables were moved to the middle of the room and the audience invited to draw their chairs up to a single long table.

A dessert of coconut rice pudding, poached quince and pistachio was served with a sprinkling of moon dust over the table. The moon dust was an opportunity for the audience to produce their own spontaneous artwork.

It was an exhilarating evening.

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