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Whitley garden wildlife in October: the vandalism special

David Turner’s monthly diary of Whitley wildlife was interrupted one night in September when somebody stole some of his garden monitoring equipment and vandalised the rest. Nobody was hurt, and both Bubbles the hedgehog and the fox family were left unmolested, but there could be no further wildlife photographs from mid-September.

So, this month, we have a special edition of “Whitley garden vandalism in October” using some of the images David took of the aftermath.

The thief jammed some items into trees.

He broke many of the cameras beyond repair or resale.

Normal Whitley wildlife service will resume in December when David Turner returns to describe the goings-on in his garden during October and November.

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  1. Mindless morons…but thank goodness Bubbles and the Fox Family are unharmed 🙂 Keep up the good work Dave!

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