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Another giant LED billboard proposed for Katesgrove

The advertising company Clear Channel wants to replace the advertising billboard on the Surrey Road side of 61 Basingstoke Road with an LED display.

In their supporting letter, Clear Channel’s agent Carter Jonas said:

The proposals allow the existing advertising network to be better managed, monitored and maintained, to meet modern requirements of advertisers. This will bring a wide range of benefits as follows:

  • upgrade of sites lacking in investment,
  • reduction in vehicle trips for reposting adverts,
  • consolidation and overall reduction in the number of billboards in the network,
  • eradicating the need to print posters and avoiding the associated waste involved in the production process,
  • ability to broadcast emergency messaging,
  • ability to use void periods for non-commercial campaigns,
  • opportunity for more creative real time and locally relevant advertising,
  • opportunity to integrate additional hardware to meet Smart City objectives.

It emerged last week that another advertising firm, Global, wanted to replace the advertising billboard outside Gregg’s on Whitley Street with an LED display.

Reading Borough Council adopted a new local plan on 4 November. This contains policy OU4 which lays out the criteria by which planning applications for advertisements are judged:

Advertisements will respect the building or structure on which they are located, and their surroundings and setting in terms of size, location, design, materials, colour, noise, lettering, amount and type of text, illumination and luminance, and will not have a detrimental effect on public safety.

You can comment on or object to the application for advertising consent online.

  1. Planning application 191707
  2. Plans for an LED advertising display on Whitley Street
  3. Reading Borough Council’s new local plan


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  1. Planning application 191707 was refused on 8 January.

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