EV charger on East Street lamp post

EV charger on East Street lamp post

Reading Borough Council (RBC) have installed fifteen electrical vehicle (EV) charging points on lamp posts on public roads in Reading.

The lamp posts were selected after RBC’s Go Electric public consultation in 2018, when the council asked EV owners or potential purchasers in Reading if they would like a charging point on their street.

RBC says that 33% of Reading’s households live in properties with no off-street parking and this makes EV overnight charging difficult. RBC have successfully bid for an air quality grant from DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to install charging points on such streets. The lamp post EV chargers use the lamp’s own electrical supply.

In south Reading, there is a lamp post EV charging point in East Street. There are non-lamp-post EV chargers on Reading University’s Whiteknights Park and at Green Park. There is a longer list of EV charging points in Reading online, along with the cost of using the lamp post EV chargers and a map of EV charging points.

This article was originally published by the Reading Neighbourhood Network.

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