Coley Meadows (Adrian Lawson)

Coley Meadows (c) Adrian Lawson

On Sunday 17 November there’ll be a walk from Waterloo Meadows Children’s centre into the marshes of the Coley water meadows. We’ll meet at 10am, and we’ll expect to return by 1pm.

We’ll take a look at the wildlife history and social geography of this wild and mysterious part of Reading. This large, wet and little-visited part of our town is under a mile from the town centre. It is peaceful and full of interest.

Adrian Lawson has been exploring these marshes for years, and has some surprises for those that join us.

  • Look for rare trees and rarer birds.
  • Explore strange earthworks and stranger streams.
  • Walk over the giant sponge that soaks up floodwater and saves Reading from drowning.
  • Imagine a surprising future with a bit of a wild imagination.

The walk is free, and everyone is welcome no matter the age, but it is challenging. It is very wet and, in places, very muddy. Be prepared!

Bog at Coley Meadows

  1. Adrian Lawson on the Whitley Pump
  2. Winter flocks on Coley meadows
  3. Whitethroats and I
  4. 1962 air crash wreckage found at Kennet Meadows
  5. Katesgrove’s bountiful river valley
  6. Dawn chorus at Coley Meadows
  7. Reading’s Lost Railway