Oscar Wilde gates on Chestnut Walk

The atmospheric art exhibition inspired by Oscar Wilde‘s haunting Ballad of Reading Gaol at the Riverside Museum at Blake’s Lock recently provides a compelling cultural backdrop to the Hug The Gaol Event on Sunday 13 October at 2pm. The emotive images evoked by the ‘Pit of Shame’ lead us to a feeling of redemption as we surround Reading Gaol in a mass hug to demonstrate our desire to have Reading Gaol at the heart of the community.

It should become an enriching arts hub and museum, accessible to all, providing cultural activities for Reading residents and visitors alike, it should not become yet another luxury high-rise housing development!

To join the residents of Reading in this all embracing experience you can register on Eventbrite. This helps the organisers to gauge how many people to expect and also to contact you with any updates.

The hug is being organised by local artist Linda Saul and residents of the Reading area, supported by Reading Civic Society.

You may also wish to demonstrate your support by signing the petition instigated by Matt Rodda MP for Reading East.

Save Reading Gaol logo courtesy of Sally Castle and Peter Hay (Two Rivers Press)

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