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Planning applications in south Reading for the week ending 5 October

There were eight new planning applications in south Reading this week. They may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.

Abbey ward

Planning application 191489.
Watlington House
44 Watlington Street
RG1 4RJ.

Application for listed building consent for the replacement of five individual sashes (windows) on the west face of the house.

See all planning applications at RG1 4RJ.

Church ward

Planning application 191551.
16 Whitley Wood Road
RG2 8JA.

Removal of rear facing window, change from bi-folding doors to french doors plus side lights, addition of two Velux roof windows approved under planning permission 191054.

See all planning applications at RG2 8JA.

Katesgrove ward

Planning application 191364.
14 Arkwright Road
RG2 0LS.

Non-material amendment to planning consent 190812 for changes to layout and details of fencing provided.

See all planning applications at RG2 0LS.

Planning application 191513.
1 St Giles Court
Southampton Street

Change of use of building from Class B1(a) (offices) to C3 (dwelling houses) to comprise five one-bedroom flats.

Redlands ward

Planning application 191498.
Museum of English Rural Life
6 Redlands Road
RG1 5EX.

Installation of new secondary glazing to room G.22, new access controls within the main staff entrance and the extension of the existing intruder alarm equipment in ‘The Lodge’ and associated works.

See all planning applications at RG1 5EX.

Planning application 191517.
15 Donnington Gardens
RG1 5LY.

Certificate of lawfulness for a proposed loft conversion.

See all planning applications at RG1 5LY.

Whitley ward

Planning application 191545.
Worton Grange
Imperial Way

Application for discharge of condition 36 of planning permission 151944.

Planning application 191562.
Green Park Village School
Longwater Avenue

Discharge of condition 27 (lighting) relating to the planning permission 180691.

  1. Reading Borough Council planning applications committees
  2. Reading Borough Council planning portal
  3. Reading Borough Council planning documentation


  1. Planning application 191551 was agreed on 23 October.

  2. Planning application 191489 was permitted on 13 November.

  3. Planning application 191517 was permitted on 14 November.

  4. Conditions were discharged on planning application 191545 on 14 November.

  5. The status of planning application 191513 was changed to prior approval notification – approval on 15 November.

  6. Planning application 191498 was permitted on 29 November.

  7. Conditions were discharged on planning application 191562 on 26 February.

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