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New resident permit parking areas proposed for south Reading

Reading Borough Council (RBC) has launched five public consultations about new resident permit parking areas in the town. Three of these proposals affect roads in Katesgrove and Redlands wards.

Residents who want to park in a resident permit parking area will need to pay £40 to park their first car, £150 for the second, and residents have no guarantee that parking will be available. As RBC state in their letter that will be sent to households in the affected streets:

A resident parking permit will typically allow parking by a specific vehicle within a zone area. A permit does not guarantee a parking space outside the permit holder’s property, nor does it guarantee that a parking space will be available at all times within the zone area.

From 1 October 2019, the first permit for a household is issued at the cost of £40. A charge of £150 is made for a second permit.

Maps of the areas can be found  online.

The public consultations are open until Sunday 27 October and the proposed resident parking schemes will be discussed at a future traffic management sub-committee.

The roads affected are:


  1. Katesgrove area resident permit parking
  2. Hexham Road resident permit parking
  3. Cintra Close resident permit parking
  4. RBC consultation hub
  5. RBC traffic management sub-committees
  6. Katesgrove ward surgeries
  7. Redlands ward surgeries


  1. Good news really, the new zone in east Reading has transformed the place to make it so much nicer.

    • It seems a little expensive for residents, especially when you consider that residents approved many of the extant zones on the basis that there wasn’t a charge. One of the effects of the resident permit parking zones in Reading so far has been to cause ‘overflow’ parking in neighbouring areas *without* permit-only parking, thus increasing the demand for such zones and (co-incidentally or not) the potential income for the council. Once enough of the town is covered by permit-only parking zones, what incentive will the council have in enforcing them?

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