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Milman Road Health Centre Patient Participation Group on Saturday 28 September

The Milman Road Health Centre (MRHC) will hold its next patient participation group (PPG) at 10am on Saturday 28 September.

MRHC business manager Natasha Roxborough-Taylor will describe a new federation of GP practices, the South Reading Primary Care Network, and clinical research facilitator Olga Zolle will discuss research opportunities.

  1. Milman Road Health Centre
  2. The MRHC on the Whitley Pump


  1. Can anybody go to this meeting? Presumably one would need to be a patient there already.

    • As far as I know, every GP practice PPG meeting is only for their own patients, but every GP practice is supposed to have them. If your GP practice is in south Reading (and they are OK with us doing it), then we’d be happy to publicise their PPG meetings too.

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