The Silver Street bus stop is currently closed because of works at 79 Silver Street, where a block of 61 student rooms is being built. The bus stop has been relocated a small distance up Mount Pleasant, and part of the pavement directly in front of the building closed off. This was all set out in the relevant approved planning applications and approvals.

Condition three attached to Reading Borough Council‘s approval to build the property (180075) requested a construction method statement including any footpath or road closures needed.

The statement was provided in an application (181105) to discharge this and other conditions together with a planning statement showing where the footpath would be closed and the need to move the bus stop.

  1. 79 Silver Street at the Whitley Pump
  2. Planning applications 180075, 181150 & 181105
  3. Reading Borough Council planning
  4. Dolly stop on Mount Pleasant