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Wheelchair donated to Milman Road Health Centre in memory of Dr Vernon Morris

Dr Vernon Morris

Dr Vernon Morris. Image courtesy of Monica Morris

Visitors to Reading’s Milman Road Health Centre who need a wheelchair can now make use of one donated by Monica Morris, the widow of Dr Vernon Morris who had been a patient of the centre and who died in December 2018, aged 92.

Vernon Morris was born in Llanelli, Wales in 1926 and qualified as a GP at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London in 1949. In 1958, he took on a GP practice on the Wokingham Road, Reading and he became a well-known GP in Woodley and Earley over the subsequent 40 years.

He used a wheelchair in his later years to reach the health centre after their downstairs reception was closed following the merger of Dr Kumar’s practice with Dr Mittal’s in 2017. His widow Monica found out about the health centre’s need for a wheelchair through the patient participation group (PPG) and donated it after Dr Morris died.

You can ask a health centre receptionist for the wheelchair. Senior manager Anne-Marie Dykes said that the downstairs reception on the Milman Road entrance will be in use from September 2019, and the downstairs reception by the Elizabeth Walk entrance will be open until 4.30pm on the days when the health centre is open.

The Milman Road Health Centre wheelchair

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  1. Such a lovely couple and such a poignant gesture.

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