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Latest archaeological dig on Silver Street completed

62- 68 Silver Street dig on 6 August

Thames Valley Archaeological Services (TVAS) have completed their excavations at 62-68 Silver Street. They uncovered another section of the mediaeval tile kiln previously excavated at the adjacent site of 40 Silver Street. The area is expected to be covered over on Friday 9 August.

TVAS have drawn plans of the structures on the site, finds have been recorded and samples taken for laboratory analysis. The archaeologists discovered evidence of metalworking and four layers of occupation: modern, Victorian, seventeenth century and mediaeval.

There will no open afternoon to this dig, unlike the previous Silver Street dig next door, because physical access is more restricted.

A full report of the Silver Street excavation will be available in about six months when the samples have been analysed. A summary of the finds from 40 Silver Street is available on the TVAS website.

Silver Street Developments Ltd have submitted an application (190449) to build 79 units of student accommodation on the whole site comprising 40-68 Silver Street, but Reading Borough Council has not yet been made a decision on the proposal.

  1. Excavations well underway at 62-68 Silver Street
  2. Mediaeval tile kilns found on Silver Street
  3. Excavation of tile kilns at 40 Silver Street – TVAS
  4. Thames Valley Archaeological Service
  5. Planning application 190449 – 40 Silver Street


  1. Planning application 190449 was refused on 11 September.

  2. Planning application 190449 was refused on 11 September.

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