The office for standards in education, children’s services and skills in England, OFSTED, published a report into The Honey Bee Day Care on 26 July, saying its “weaknesses put children at significant risk.”

The Honey Bee Day Care Centre, at Tilia Lodge in Palmer Park offers full day child care. It is run by Prima Edu Limited, who also run The Honey Bee Preschool at 2a Valentia Road, Reading RG30 1DL. The preschool was last inspected by OFSTED in 2016 and rated ‘good’.

The OFSTED report refers to an inspection made to the day care centre (not the preschool) in May 2019, which the inspector said was ‘inadequate’ adding that “any learning that takes place is incidental rather than planned”:

The teaching that children receive is poor. Staff’s interactions are inadequate, activities are uninspiring, and staff do not observe and assess children’s progress.

Staff fail to notice when unvetted visitors enter the toilets and children’s self-care is not tailored to meet their individual needs.

The manager and staff do not manage children’s behaviour appropriately. They do not support children to understand the consequences of their actions on others. This substantially puts children at risk of being hurt.

In May, the OFSTED inspector noted:

… during the inspection, when children cried and became upset, some staff placed their hands in the air and said, ‘I don’t know how to deal with this’. Children were then left to wander and cry.

Disagreements regularly break out between children and they argue, snatch and push each other. Staff often ignore this.

After their May inspection, OFSTED issued a welfare requirements notice and instructed the day care centre to implement 12 actions by 26 July, including training their staff in child protection legislation and child behaviour management, ensuring that children aren’t alone with staff whose suitability hasn’t been checked, and adequately supporting children with special needs.

OFSTED visited the day care centre again on 29 July to check their instructions had been carried out and said that three of these 12 actions, concerning child safeguarding, had not been implemented. The day care centre has been instructed to do this by 27 August.

We contacted both the Honey Bee Day Care Centre and Prima Edu Ltd for comment but received none before publication.

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