Muir Group Housing Association (MGHA) have introduced parking controls and penalties, operated by FlashPark, on the part of the Whitley Street estate which they own and manage. Signs have appeared on the sides of the garages on the estate warning of an £85 charge for unauthorised parking.

MGHA told the Whitley Pump that they introduced the scheme because their residents were having difficult accessing their garages or parking spaces because of parking by non-residents. All residents have been issued with parking permits.

Parking problems have increased in the area since Reading Borough Council (RBC) introduced a residents’ parking scheme on Waldeck Street. After that, some vehicles used the car park of the former Woodley Arms until it was fenced off to prevent access.

Residents and councillors have requested an RBC parking scheme on Charndon Close, Collis Street and Rowley Road. When reviewed by the RBC Traffic Management sub-committee in March this year, the scheme was number four on the priority list behind schemes for Caversham, Harrow Court in Minster ward and east Reading.

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