The English office for standards in education, children’s services and skills, OFSTED, reports that the Little Owl pre-school on Northcourt Avenue is now good, after they had reported the pre-school required improvement in January 2019.

OFSTED praised the pre-school, saying:

The pre-school environment is welcoming, bright and well-resourced. Staff provide children with nurturing support, encouragement and praise.

Children arrive happy and eager to play.

All children, including those who speak English as an additional language, make good progress.

Children are consistently kind and considerate towards each other.

Partnerships with parents are effective.

The OFSTED inspector said that educational outcomes for Little Owl pre-school pupils are ‘good’ :

Children are well prepared for the next stage in their learning, including school. They are enthusiastic learners and express themselves successfully to staff and friends alike.

Children of all ages enjoy books and use a wide range of different media to make marks. Pre-school children recognise some sounds that represent letters and are beginning to write simple words.

They do well in mathematics. For example, older children can often
count accurately to beyond 10 and are able to do simple calculations. Children enjoy pretend play, such as when younger children bath their ‘babies’ during water play.

OFSTED added that the pre-school needed to better track pupil’s progress and improve staff training.

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