Transhuman Art Critics, a collaboration between Emil Schult and Emma Nilsson, presented a cosmic multi-media extravaganza last night at St Mary’s Minster. The artists performed behind a screen onto which their silhouettes and graphics were projected.

The performers occasionally revealed themselves to speak to the audience and articulate the themes of the works ranging from artificial intelligence through the curation of the first art exhibition on Mars to hyperconnectivity.

The tagline for the show was “will hyperconnectivity create enough transparency for humans to fly to Mars and beyond?”

The duo had just returned from performing There is No Silence a tribute to John Cage, at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery in Florida, USA.

The audience, although small, was totally mesmerised by the experience. The atmospheric lighting and staging within the church worked perfectly.

Emil Schult and Emma Nilsson’s first memorable performance in Reading was at South Street as part the 2017 Fringe Festival. It has been a long wait for them to return.

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