Hansel and Gretel. Image by permission of (c) Reading Between the Lines (RBL)

Tickets are now on sale for the 2019 Christmas special by the Reading Between the Lines theatre company (RBL) at the South Street Arts Centre. Last year they put on a heavily bepuppetted version of A Christmas Carol and this year they’re performing Hansel and Gretel.

RBL say :

This show is going to be full of amazing music, theatrical wizardry and, once again, some incredible puppets. It’s may be a bit scary too, but if you’re with a grown up, we think you’ll cope.

Hansel and Gretel were born holding hands. Nothing can keep them apart, until one day they are cast out into the forbidden woods with no way home.

Will they ever find one another again? Can they survive the dark, twisting festival of the forest?

And what is that powerful smell of candy floss that keeps catching on the wind?

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