Ah, c’est Nigel des Livres, le poète.

A fabulously riotous evening was held at the the warmly welcoming Namaste Kitchen (formerly the Hook and Tackle pub) on Saturday 18 May to remember our much missed and totally brilliant friend and colleague, Matthew Farrall.

Proceedings were presided over by our princely poet Nigel Pounds (a decidedly Gallic demeanour) who effervesced with wit and bonhomie as he charmed us with his own pithy poetry as well as with snippets from the Small Faces, much beloved of Matthew.

Dan Kemp at the Namaste Kitchen Curry Klub.

Dan Kemp delighted with his powerful and punchy performance – we especially enjoyed his oo la la French number. Then the Rumpo Kidz literally took us by storm with their extraordinary, roof-raising set, ramping up the temperature by several degrees, phew!

Rumpo Kidz at the Namaste Kitchen Curry Klub

And as if this was not enough, our generous hosts, the Namaste Kitchen, plied us with a dazzling array of aromatic curries and other fragrant culinary delights.

This was a simply super soirée. Matthew would have loved it. RIP our unique and wonderful friend.

The Rumpo Kidz at Sub89, Reading in December 2018 (© Rumpo Kidz via Youtube).

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