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Planning applications in Katesgrove and Redlands wards for the week ending 25 May

There were six new planning applications for Katesgrove and Redlands wards this week. They may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.

Katesgrove ward

Planning application 190755.
Land at corner of Newark Street & Crown Street
RG1 2SR.

Application to discharge conditions three and four of planning permission 180417.

See all planning applications at RG1 2SR.

Planning application 190850.
Dartmouth Terrace
London Road

Prune one Robinia.

Redlands ward

Planning application 190660.
The Abbey Junior School
30 Christchurch Road
RG2 7AR.

The proposed development is for the installation of two cold store condenser units, external lighting and an external access ladder.

See all planning applications at RG2 7AR.

Planning application 190724.
276 Kings Road
RG1 4HP.

Change of use from Small HMO (Use Class C4) to Large HMO (sui generis use).

See all planning applications at RG1 4HP.

Planning application 190753.
99-101 Addington Road
RG1 5PZ.

Extension, alteration and refurbishment of 99, 99A, 101 and 101A Addington Road to enhance the quality and appearance of the dwellings.

See all planning applications at RG1 5PZ.

Planning application 190852.
3 Allcroft Road
RG1 5HJ.

Fell one western red cedar.

See all planning applications at RG1 5HJ.

  1. Reading Borough Council planning applications committees


  1. Planning application 190850 was permitted on 4 June.

  2. The status of planning application 190852 was changed to split decision on 12 June.

  3. Planning application 190660 was permitted on 13 September.

  4. Planning application 190724 was permitted on 20 September.

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