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Planning applications in Church, Redlands and Whitley wards for the week ending 18 May

There were five new planning applications for Church, Redlands and Whitley wards this week. They may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.

Church ward

Planning application 190681.
67 Foxhays Road
RG2 8NA.

Erection of single storey building comprising one (1 x two bed) bungalow (Class C3) with associated bin and cycle storage, and a two-storey maisonette comprising two (2 x two bed) residential units (Class C3) with landscaping and associated works.

See other planning applications at RG2 8NA.

Planning application 190693.
Land Adjacent to 41-43 Brybur Close
RG2 8HN.

Variation of conditions two and three for permitted application 150872 (demolition of a block of garages and build a two bedroomed house) by the removal of reference to approved plans 14-029/F/001 Rev C and 14- 029/F/002 Rev A, and replacement with reference to new drawings 14- 029/F/011 and 14-029/F/012 respectively.

See other planning applications at RG2 8HN.

Planning application 190749.
University of Reading,
Whiteknights Campus
Elmhurst Road
RG6 6AZ.

A new build synthetic turf 3G pitch accommodating full-size rugby, football and lacrosse use. Pitch construction consisting of geo-grid, sub-base, asphalt base layer, performance shockpad and synthetic turf. The works inclusive of parallel pitch drainage system and SUDS soakaway, eight column floodlighting system and all ducting, perimeter weld mesh panel fencing of 3m high, rising to 6m height behind each goal, 1.2m high spectator fencing, 3m wide spectator hardstanding, spectator stand accomodating 75 persons, 3m wide footpath connecting main access gate to existing footpath network, external synthetic cricket square with 3 bays incorporating steel cage and netting.

The pitch will be on the Elmhurst Road edge of the campus.

See other planning applications at RG6 6AZ.

Redlands ward

Planning application 190783.
45 Alexandra Road
RG1 5PG.

Fell one tree in rear garden.

See other planning applications at RG1 5PG.

Whitley ward

Planning application 190754.
Land Adjacent to Tesco Distribution Centre Imperial Way
RG2 0RS.

Proposed 3mx6m LED advertising board on the grass verge of the A33 north bound carriage way near the Tesco distribution centre.

See other planning applications at RG2 0RS.

  1. Reading Borough Council planning applications committees


  1. Planning application 190783 was agreed on 23 May.

  2. Planning application 190754 was withdrawn on 6 June.

  3. Planning application 190749 was withdrawn on 26 July.

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