The English health and social care regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), published an inspection report into Yew Tree Lodge on Redlands Road in April 2019 and said that it ‘requires improvement’.

Yew Tree Lodge is run by Priory Adult Care and offers specialist residential support for 16 male and female adults with mental health needs. The CQC inspected the Lodge in January 2019 following a resident’s death, although the CQC didn’t address this incident specifically as it is under criminal investigation.

In their last report in February 2018, the CQC said that Yew Tree Lodge was ‘good’. At that time, the Lodge’s three crisis beds (that is, vacancies for people with emergency needs) were not in use, but at the date of the latest inspection in January 2019, these crisis beds were in use, and the CQC reported that:

Risks were identified for people on long term stay and actions put in place to prevent these. However, no guidance was provided to staff on what action to take, if the risk occurred.

People on crisis beds did not have sufficient risk assessments in place to detail how staff were to support them and keep them safe, on admission.

The CQC inspector added that, by the second day of the inspection, the Lodge’s manager has mitigated all risks and brought paperwork up to date. The CQC also praised the Lodge:

People reported feeling safe and well supported by the staff team.

Medicines were managed safely, by competent staff.

People reported that staff and the management team were approachable. We were told they listened to concerns.

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