Els De Mets, a campaigner for a new pedestrian crossing on Upper Redlands Road, has launched a crowdfunding page to help build it. The nearby St Joseph’s College has already agreed to contribute money to make the crossing safer.

Although Reading Borough Council (RBC) has put the proposed new Upper Redlands Road pedestrian crossing on its to-do list, they say they don’t have enough money to complete the work. The council say:

An uncontrolled crossing will be significantly less costly compared with a controlled crossing (e.g. zebra or traffic signals), as [the former] will not require electrical connections. The footway widths will also be a consideration, should any beacons or posts need to be installed for a controlled facility. Footway build-outs could be costly, particularly if utility apparatus or highway drainage is affected.

Els De Mets estimates that a new ‘speed bump with bollards’ style of crossing would cost about £15,000 and a zebra crossing would cost about £50,000.

Crashmap suggests there has been one serious traffic incident and 14 slight traffic incidents near the proposed crossing since 1999.

Base map from Google maps and annotations courtesy of Els De Mets.

St Joseph’s college contributes

Antony Leggett, the bursar at St Joseph’s College said that the college had been asking RBC for a safer pedestrian crossing for several years, and the college had agreed to contribute money towards building it.

“Many of our students travel to school by bus; they are dropped on Christchurch Road near the University,” said Mr Leggett. “There is no safe way for them to get to school without crossing the increasingly busy roads of Elmhurst and Upper Redlands, both of which can have parked cars obscuring view.”

Mr Leggett said the existing traffic calming measures and 20 mph limit on the road were becoming ineffective, especially where the road is restricted by parked cars, at peak traffic times or with impatient drivers.

“There is another zebra crossing on Upper Redlands Road, but it is in the wrong place for most of our students, as it requires them to cross Elmhurst Road to reach it,” said Mr Leggett. “The proposed new crossing would be outside of a main exit for university students from halls of residence at Whiteknights, so is not solely intended for St Joseph’s children.”

“It appears to be an obvious place for such a crossing and would have a significant impact on road safety,” he said.

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