Alok Sharma (Conservative MP for Reading West) and Matt Rodda (Labour MP for Reading East) voted in opposite directions on two amendments to the European Union Withdrawal Act and amended main motion following a debate in the House of Commons on 25 March.

Matt Rodda spoke in the debate in support of the three originally proposed amendments a – Letwin, d – Corbyn and f – Beckett.

He opened with:

This country, and indeed this House, now face a very serious situation and a very substantial challenge. At this crucial time, with just a few days to settle the issue of Brexit—an issue that, as we all know, the Government have been unable to resolve for the last two years—we have to find a way through the impasse.

[at 21:37:46]

He went on to say that it was time for parliament to take control of the process and asked the government to “… listen to MPs and the millions of people who marched on Saturday”, ending with the a request:

It is time for indicative votes, including on a confirmatory referendum. We have to put this serious matter back to the people, and the Government have to fundamentally rethink their approach.

Commons divisions

A division is a vote. MPs may vote many times in any one debate, and you may need to examine the context of each vote to work out what it was about.

Amendment (d) in the name of the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, was not put to a vote.

Bill and divisionAlok SharmaMatt RoddaAyesNoesResult
European Union Withdrawal Act Amendment (a) – Letwin
Division 373, 25 March
European Union Withdrawal Act Amendment (f) – Beckett
Division 374, 25 March
European Union Withdrawal Act main Motion as amended
Division 375, 25 March


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