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Planning applications in Katesgrove and Redlands wards for the week ending 16 March

There were four new planning applications for Katesgrove and Redlands wards this week. They may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.

Katesgrove ward

Planning application 190232.
116 Whitley Street
RG2 0EQ.

Double storey rear side extension and single storey rear monopitch roof extension. Increasing current HMO from 7 to 8 bedrooms.

See other planning applications at RG2 0EQ.

Redlands ward

Planning application 190318.
67a Foxhill Road
RG1 5QR.

Conversion of the existing building to three two-bedroom flats and associated fenestration.

See other planning applications at RG1 5QR.

Planning application 190390.
40 Cardigan Road
RG1 5QL.

Certificate of lawfulness for proposed loft conversion with rear flat roof dormer.

See other planning applications at RG1 5QL.

Planning application 190412.
University Of Reading
London Road
RG1 5AQ.

Reduce magnolia tree so that height is level with top of chapel roof ridge, 3m over foot path, 1-1.5m clearance over cloister, north: 1- 1.5m clearance of building, south: 3-3.5m from building and east and west: shape to appropriate pruning points following reduction but no less than 2m of residual crown.

See other planning applications at RG1 5AQ.

  1. Reading Borough Council planning applications committees


  1. Planning application 190412 was agreed on 1 April.

  2. Planning application 190232 was refused on 16 April.

  3. The status of planning application 190390 was changed to permitted development on 2 May.

  4. Planning application 190318 was permitted on 11 October.

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