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The nearest post office to the Whitley Pump

Premier Stores, Northumberland Avenue – one of our nearest post offices

Now that the post office at Premier Stores on Whitley Street has closed, the Whitley Pump no longer has a convenient post office. The three closest post offices are almost equidistant from our Katesgrove Hill HQ.

The central post office at 21-22 Market Place, the post office on the first floor of Broad St Mall and the one inside the Premier Stores at 234 Northumberland Avenue (pictured above) are all just under a mile and 20 minutes walk away from Whitley Street.

The next nearest are in the Co-Op at Cemetery Junction or the parade of shops at Coley Park.

There is a very useful branch finder on the post office website where you can find the nearest post office by entering a post code.

There are plans to move the central post office to W H Smith on Broad Street, but it will still be one of the three nearest to us.

On 10 January in a debate in Westminster Hall in Parliament on the franchising of crown post offices and the effect on high streets and communities, Matt Rodda Reading East MP said:

In Reading, we have serious accessibility issues. The existing crown post office is to be shut. It has been there for some time, is busy and has ground-floor access, which is welcome for many local disabled people. Unfortunately, the post office is now to be moved into the upstairs of the very busy W H Smith branch on Broad Street in Reading. The lift access is only by a relatively small lift to the first-floor premises to be used.

[at 13:36]

The Reading Borough Council access and disabilities working group meet on Thursday 7 March at 2 pm at the Civic Offices on Bridge Street, and post office relocation is an item on their agenda.

Click on the markers for the address.

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  1. I suppose RBC didn’t have enough room for one when they relocated the Civic Offices – that one was quite handy and avoided the steep climb up Katesgrove Hill for those of us short of breath. It was especially annoying that the Whitley St PO kept its PO sign up weeks if not months after it ceased, so I for one was ‘caught out’. One can understand that with fewer letters being sent it is harder to make business sense of running a sub-PO but…..
    And the former PO in Southampton Street is still shut – having a PO there in addition to a small newsagents and grocers might make a viable option for someone perhaps??

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