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‘Indigenous resistance’ photo exhibition at Pau Brasil café

Photo: (c) Rosa Gauditano

The Pau Brasil Café on Reading’s Mount Pleasant will host a photograph exhbition showing the life and culture of Brazil’s indigenous people from 15 March until 30 April. The photos were taken between 1989 and 2012 by the Brazilian photographer Rosa Gauditano and the exhibition includes videos recorded and edited by young Xavante Indians.

The exhibition includes photos of a new generation of young indigenous leaders who are learning to use digital media to document their life and discover new ways to resist the pressures of non- indigenous society. They disseminate their photos, music and videos on the internet and make contact with people who previously had no idea of their existence.

Other photos show the ethnic Guaraní Kaiowá of Mato Grosso do Sul who have suffered 40 years of pressure from farmers planting soya, transgenic maize and sugar cane. Rosa Gauditano documented the struggle of these people in roadside camps where she met a woman who was born, grew up, and lives in such a camp with her baby.

Acampamento Guaraní Kaiowá Laranjeira. Photo: (c) Rosa Gauditano

“She has to cross the sugar cane plantation that occupies the ancient traditional land of the Kaiowá to go into the forest next to the plantation to fetch water and bathe her son,” explained Rosa Gauditano. “Depending on the region, there are no more birds and so the embellishments of the rituals are made with recycled wool yarn from clothes used in place of bird feathers.”

Rosa Gauditano’s subjects include Waurá’s concentration as he paints for the Quarup (the ritual of the dead), the water purification ritual of the Xavante Indians in Mato Grosso, Yanomami children Kayapó and Arara playing in the Amazon as well as portraits like the Carajá girl with her flower-like red feather earrings, the Maxacali of Minas Gerais with painted cardboard mask, and a Yanomami with a hummingbird.

Photo: (c) Rosa Gauditano

The photograph exhibition will be at the Pau Brasil Cafe, 89 Mount Pleasant, Reading RG1 2TF from 15 March until 30 April (except Saturdays and the Easter weekend of 19-22 April), from 5pm until 9pm on 15 March, then from 11am until 6pm Monday-Friday and 11am until 5pm on Sundays.

The videos created by the young Xavante indians will run at the café at 7.30pm on these dates:

  • Oió, the fight of the Xavante boys on 29 March
  • Child nutrition of the Xavante people on 12 April
  • Darini, spiritual initiation of Xavante boys on 26 April

Entrance is free for both the photo exhibition and the videos. Photos can be purchased and 20% of the sales will be donated to the each ethnic group in the exhibition.

This exhibition has been supported by Survival.





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