Stream at Island Road

The Smallmead recycling centre on Island Road is selling ‘re3grow’ compost, available in 40 litre bags for £3.50 or 3 bags for £10. It has been processed in Oxfordshire from garden waste taken directly to the tip and from kerbside green waste collections; 90% of the content is from Reading, Wokingham or Bracknell.

re3 say that “no additives or chemicals were used in the composting process and the product provides essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.”

The compost complies with the British Standards Institute’s Publically Available Specification 100 (BSI PAS 100) which ensures that the processing takes place in a controlled manner. The composting site is accredited under the Compost Certification Scheme which ensures that the product is safe to use.

  1. re3 recycling
  2. Reading Borough Council rubbish & recycling
  3. British Standards Institute