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Recent planning applications in south Reading

These planning applications may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.

Planning application 182256.
54 Hill Street
RG1 2NT.

Change of use to HMO in an Article 4 Area.

See all recent planning applications at RG1 2NT.

Planning application 181815.
57 Alexandra Road
RG1 5PG.

Extension of existing basement floor to accommodate communal living area with external sunken terrace, proposed internal layout changes to provide en-suite shower rooms and construction of associated bin area and cycle stores.

See all recent planning applications at RG1 5PG.

Planning application 182162.
71 Alexandra Road
RG1 5PS.

Refurbishment and internal layout changes to accommodate larger communal living accommodation and provide 8 en- suite bedrooms, along with associated bin and cycle stores. following demolition of rear terrace roof and external fire escapes.

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Planning application 182198.
Berkshire House
252-256 Kings Road
RG1 4HP.

Replacement of existing telecommunications equipment to the roof. To include replacement of existing 3m high roof tower, 6 x antennas, 1 x 300mm dish and 5 x equipment cabinets with a new 10m high roof tower supporting 12 x antenna apertures, 3 x 600mm dishes. 8 x equipment cabinets to be installed on the rooftop and 1 x meter cabinet to be installed at ground level.

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Planning application 190012.
Green Park Village School
Longwater Avenue
RG30 3UR.

Application for approval of condition 12 (construction method statement) of planning permission 180691.

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  1. Reading Borough Council planning applications committees
  2. Reading Borough Council planning portal


  1. Planning application 182162 was permitted on 5 March.

  2. Planning application 182198 was withdrawn on 6 March.

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