Dora Thorne, an environmental management student at Reading University, is asking the town’s residents what they know about plastic use and pollution.

“I would really appreciate your time to help me,” said Dora, who is a third year undergraduate researching her dissertation. “My research aims to investigate how and to what extent people living in Reading [can] reduce their plastic consumption. I am interested in your opinions and there are no right or wrong answers.”

Dora has held face-to-face surveys on the University campus and says that some students care about and take action to improve the environment.

“I believe the sad truth is that, while many care, they don’t take action,” she said. “I also believe from my experience of being a student in Reading over the past three years that young people are careless about their plastic waste and other rubbish when drinking. I notice a litter trail when walking to campus the morning after a student union night.”

Her online survey takes five minutes to complete and is open to any resident of Reading.

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